Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Solutions for B.O. Doldrums - The Lubitsch Touch

Seems like everyone and their brother is offering opinions on why domestic box office is down drastically this year. We've heard many potential explanations: the popularity of home theater, the shortened DVD window (the time it takes from when a film hits the first-run theatres to its release on DVD), and the cost of going to the movies. But a simpler explanation may lie in the fact that today's movies just aren't very good. Knight-Ridder columnist Mary Pols recently took in some pre-code gems at the PFA series in Berkeley, and she thinks there are lessons to be learned from these classic films.

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Harry "broadcastellan" Heuser said...

Well, call me savage, but I sure get a kick out of those pre-code films. Unfortunately, there aren't many venues showing them (used to get my fix at the NYC Film Forum). I very nearly stopped going to the movies this year and now screen the good ones at home. Lubitsch is one of my favorites. So, jazz up your lingery, and keep posting. Cheers, Harry