Wednesday, February 28, 2007

More "Forbidden Hollywood" DVD Sets Coming!

In a chat held the other night at the Home Theater Forum, Warner Home Video executives confirmed we can expect to see more Forbidden Hollywood DVD sets featuring the best Pre-Code films. Direct from the chat transcript:

[WayneH] I'm wondering if there will be more FORBIDDEN HOLLYWOOD sets and what flicks might make it in future volumes? Many folks were also saddened by the lack of extras in the first. Great movies, though!

[WARNER] Yes. FORBIDDEN HOLLYWOOD #1 was a huge success. We were disappointed that we couldn't add extras either. We had planned to include a documentary that turned out to have clearance issues which prevented its inclusion. As you are aware, we always try to release discs that are full with great extras, so we were bummed. We hope to make it up to you with this year's release, which we plan to have include SIX features, plus a brand-new pre-code documentary that we at WHV are producing right now as we speak. We hope to have two FH releases per year starting in 2008

Great news, and it also addresses the concern over the lack of features on what seemed to be a hurried Volume 1 release. It seems we will get at least one Norma Shearer title in this year's six feature set. Can't wait to find out what the lineup will be.


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tangobaby said...

Do you have any more information on this release?

OnlyWayne said...

Do you know if the version of "The Divorcee" included in the Forbidden Hollywood Collection vol 2 is the original theatrical release? I feel pretty certain that the version we've seen up until now was edited for re-release after the Production Code went into force. The version I've seen -- which I believe was censored -- has a sequence featuring voice over and sets of male/female hands which seem to indicate that Shearer's characters HASN'T made good on her promise that her husband would be the only man to whom her door would be locked.

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