Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year!

Just a quick note before raising a glass of champagne to 2006: Ben Ohmart of Bear Manor Media emailed me with the news that Scott O'Brien's "Kay Francis: I Can't Wait to Be Forgotten" ships today! Looking forward to reading that along with my copy of Mick LaSalle's "Complicated Women" I received for Christmas.

Also, in case you missed it earlier in 2005, the Balboa will be running the newly restored "Baby Face" along with another Barbara Stanwyck pre-code classic, "Night Nurse" in early February. Kudos to the Balboa for putting together some wonderful schedules sure to please film buffs in the Bay Area.


Campaspe said...

Nice place you have here! I am enjoying back-reading. And here I see that this week we are both musing about Kay Francis, who has long deserved a full-length bio. The only piece of any length I've been able to find on her was in Ginger, Loretta, and Irene Who?. The essay was lively enough but he didn't seem to have a real feel for her movies.

Jeff said...

I think I read "Ginger, Loretta, and Irene," and the chapter on Kay was so sad. She did not seem to have a happy life and they implied she spent her later years drinking and reclusive. But the author of the bio told me it ain't necessarily so. She just didn't seem to enjoy the Hollywood scene. Thanbks for stopping by - I need to update it more often!

KayFrancisbiographer said...

Hi Jeff: This is Lynn Kear, co-author of a new book on Kay Francis. Just wanted to let you know that Kay Francis: A Passionate Life and Career (McFarland), is now available. It's already in its second printing, and legendary writer (and huge Kay Francis fan) James Robert Parish has written: "I'm so impressed by the meticulous details. Lynn and John have certainly done their homework and in the process helped to preserve Kay for the ages." By the way, much of what was in George Eells' book (Ginger, Loretta, and Irene Who?) turned out to be inaccurate. Still, everyone who's written about Kay owes a debt of gratitude to the late Mr. Eells.